Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Return of The Angry - The Final Presidential Debate of 2008

What do you think "She Who Shall Not Be Named,"
thought of McCain's final debate performance?

And the winner is........Joe the Plumber!

McCain vs. Middle Class: McCain-3; Middle Class-0

McCain and Obama have had 3 presidential debates. I watched them. I don't recall McCain ever, ever uttering the phrase "middle-class". If I'm wrong let me know. By my count: McCain debates-3 , "Middle-Class" mentioned by McCain-0

If you consider middle-class anyone that makes $250,000.00 or less, that's a lot of people McCain did not address. Why? Please, someone let me know.

Side Notes:
McCain hurt himself, BADLY, when discussing the abortion issue. He said at some point that the states should regulate abortion and used the two handed "quote" hand sign to refer to the health of a mother.

I swear I heard McCain sighing off camera more than a of couple times. Not to mention the constant blinking and face making half way through it when he was on split screen. And he started looking angry about mid way through the debate.

During the debate McCain said, "I admire, so much, Senator Obama's eloquence and you really have to pay attention to words." So let's pay attention to Senator McCain's words shall we?

McCain said that "all" the people that come to his rallies are "patriotic". And that he has, "repudiated every time someone has been out of line, whether they have been part of [McCain's] campaign or not. And [McCain] will continue to do that. But the fact is that we need to absolutely not stand for the kind of things that have been going on, I haven't."

Has Senator McCain corrected his vice-presidential nominee, "She Who Shall Not Be Named," when she issues the rhetoric that Obama, "pals around with terrorists," plural, present tense? No. No, he has not repudiated that statement, at least not to date.

As for, "all," the people that attend his rallies being, "patriotic," does that include those that yell, "terrorist," "kill him," "off with his head," "treason," ect., at the mention of Obama? Are they, "patriotic" too? According to McCain, yes, they are all patriotic. Live by the rhetoric...

Second to lastly, McCain declares he's a "Federalist". Does he mean "Federalist" as in one of the founding fathers of our country that supported the ratification of our constitution like those that wrote the Federalist Papers and supported our first two presidents, Washington and Adams? Or Does he mean a "Federalist," like the Federalist Party founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1792 and lasted until roughly 1816, now defunct, that was formed to rival Thomas Jefferson and James Madison's Democratic-Republican Party? If he's been around that long he looks good for his age. What year are we in? 1787 or 2008? Again, live by the rhetoric...

Lastly, and kind of on a comical note, McCain said that Obama voted against Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Breyer. One problem with that, Obama was not a U.S. Senator when Justice Breyer was confirmed in 1994.


  1. Hey, excellent observations.

    Sincerely, a friend's aunt.

  2. McCain won first thirty minutes. He was commanding, vibrant, energetic, and he had Barrack on his heals. Then they started talking about issues - Barrack took it from there. By the way, Joe the Plumber got gimmicky after the 10th time he was mentioned.

  3. KJ-You're absolutely right, McCain had me looking around the room during the first thirty minutes of the debate wondering if he was actually going to maybe pull this off and make some kind of huge comeback and change his image. Then, I think things went south for McCain when they started talking about the negative attacks. He seemed rattled somehow by the line of questioning and never really recovered. Then, the rapid (nervous?)blinking and face-making on the split screen started. By then end it was "still cool and collected Obama" vs. "get off my lawn McCain". At least that's how I scored it.