Saturday, October 25, 2008

McCain: NYC & DC Lousy With Elites

Or, He hates these cans, I mean, cities!

This from Ben Smith's blog on and to be aired on NBC: in an interview with Brian Williams McCain proclaims that NYC and Washington, D.C. are home to "elites". By the way, isn't it a bit contradictory for McCain (with his 6? homes) to say, "I'm better than you because you think you're better than me and my supporters."

New York City is often referred to as the best city in the world. Washington D.C. is, last I checked, our nation's capital. There are some across the nation and the globe that happen to think these towns are home to some of our best and brightest. So surely McCain wouldn't say anything to insult two the of largest, most important cities in America. I know McCain is not going to win New York or D.C. but seriously, he wouldn't say anything to just anger those that reside there and those that have friends and family there, would he? Ah, but, one has to remember we live in the age of Erratic/Maverick McCain. Attack anyone, anywhere, for whatever reason you can think of at the time. This time it just happens to be cities, namely New York and Washington, D.C., for some amorphous reason, this time being that they are home to "elites." Who knows what it'll be next.

The sad thing is that odds are there will be another random Erratic/Maverick McCain attack. It's just a matter of when, against who or what group, and for what reason. Remember, Erratic/Maverick McCain attacks anyone, anywhere, for some strange, unknown reason. Stay tuned for the next Erratic/Maverick McCain attack as his campaign's desperation grows.

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