Monday, September 17, 2012

X-Files - 2 Episodes In

Thoughts so far:
So, it's pretty straightforward so far.  The X-Files premiered in Sept. 1993.  Two episodes in it's holding up OK, except for the music, which is heavy on keyboards and dated, at least so far.

Plot lines so far:
Mulder believes his sister was abducted by aliens and Scully's been hired to keep track of Mulder's investigations.
Smoking Man has made at least one appearance but, has said nothing so far.
Deep Throat has reached out to Mulder and told him that "they have been here for a long, long time," of course referring to extra-terrestrials.  Deep Throat also tells a lackey of his that the reason he keeps Mulder in the FBI and feeds him information is because it's smart to keep you friends close and enemies closer.
Mulder and Scully have investigated some kids that were abducted by aliens and had implants placed in the heads ("Pilot" Ep1) as well as some pilots that Mulder thinks have been affected by flying aircraft reverse engineered from alien tech ("Deep Throat" Ep 2).

Guest star(s) of note: Seth Green ("Deep Throat" Ep 2), with long hair, same height, looked pretty much the same as he does now.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Aggies Get Pranked, Not Like That's Hard or Something...

Someone put up the below billboard in Gainsville, FL, the home of the Texas A&M's opponent on the gridiron this weekend the Florida Gators:

Of course the Aggies are saying they didn't buy the billboard.  This reminds me of the time that a UT student stole A&M's mascot Reveille in the 1990's as prank.  Maybe a Longhorn bought the above billboard just to mess with the Aggies...