Friday, May 4, 2018

A thought about Avengers: Infinity War (***SPOILER ALERT***)

First, let me be clear, I loved the movie. A lot. It paid off in the biggest way possible everything that was set up in the 10 years and 18(?) movies that brought us to this point.
With that said, let me get hyper-critical.  One issue I had with the movie was Thanos’ motivation in the movie versus his motivation in the comic books (specifically Infinity Gauntlet, where we first see Thanos collecting the Infinity Stones/Gems). In the comic book, he wanted all the gems/stones to kill half the universe to impress Lady Death. That motivation in the comic book makes sense, Lady Death wants people to die. She's Lady Death, killing lots of people is her thing.

In the movie, Thanos’ motivation is lack of resources, which leads to suffering and death. BUT, with all the Infinity Stones he’s nearly omnipotent. Meaning instead of killing half the population of the universe he could just as easily (with the snap of his fingers) doubled the universe’s resources. Boom! Problem (lack for resources) solved. It seems like the writers could have had some type of explanation as to why Thanos’ only option was to kill half the universe instead of just creating more resources. Just sayin’.

Is my criticism valid? I think so. Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know.
Just curious if anyone ever comes to this site anymore. I'm just posting this here since I thought of it and wanted to jot it down.