Thursday, October 30, 2008

Senator Franken?

Or, alternate title, Al Franken hates these puppies.

Al Franken campaign ad:

This is the funniest campaign ad I have ever seen. And it is a real campaign ad in the Senate race between AlFanken and incumbent Senator Norm Coleman. Coleman declared that he was going to stop running his negative campaign ads against Franken. Whether that has indeed occured is up for debate.
Now it's a dead heat according to

Side note: Palin's top ten quotes:
Are they funny or scary?

Side side note: Joe the plumber (who actually isn't a plumber) stood up McCain at a campaign rally. McCain didn't know it and it's an awkward moment:

And don't forget McCain "agreeing" with Murtha's comments about rural Pennsylvania:
It's gaffe after gaffe for McCain. Seriously, who's running McCain's campaign, the Three Stooges?

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