Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain Campaign's Fake Pre-Debate Talking Points

Here's an interesting article from ABC describing how the Obama campaign accidentally released their pre-debate talking points. Since they've run such a smooth campaign so far is it fair for me to wonder if they ever do anything "accidentally" given the innocuous tone of the talking points?

What if, and this is only a what if, McCain's camp had accidentally released its pre-debate talking points? (that pre-supposes that they have pre-debate talking points, which I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't given how poorly the McCain campaign has been run) What might the McCain camp's pre-debate talking points consist of? Here's a guess:

1) Denounce negative tone of people at McCain campaign rallies in media interviews.

2) At rallies issue the "pals around with terrorists," line (make sure it's plural terrorists and present tense, people may yell, "terrorist," "kill him," "treason," "off with his head," ect., don't denounce such sentiment).

3) John McCain is the victim. (Don't worry if it doesn't make sense.)

4) The stock market recovered quite a bit of its losses from last week. See, the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Now it is the time to turn the page on the economy and talk about foreign affairs.

5) If they point out that the jobless rate, new jobs numbers, home sales, foreclosure rate and other key economic indicators are still bad respond with: we're still in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and John McCain is single handedly going to fix it. (Find McCain's accounting visor and his calculator)

6) Announce McCain is suspending campaign to focus on economic crisis again. (don't tell reporters it's to save money so the campaign can make it financially until Nov. 4; we'll still run web ads and tv ads we've paid for already)

7) Announce McCain is calling Letterman and canceling on him again for this Thursday and heading straight to Washington after the debate. (Then do interview with a real news person Thursday night nowhere near Washington.)

8) Obama-Ayers over and over again. (We don't care if the poll numbers are getting away from us. It's got to work eventually.)

9) Downplay McCain's ties to lobbyists

10) Palin is not running the campaign and is just offering suggestions. (will someone tell her to wait until 2012?)

11) Who is the real Barrack "Hussein" Obama? Emphasize "Hussein", even say it twice to scare the ignorant people out there.

12) Oh yeah, talk about the issues or something, maybe something about the economy.

(Again this is a comical, fictional guess at what the McCain camp's pre-debate talking points might be if they had been accidentally released)

Side Note: "This One Goes to Eleven"
It's pretty telling when the big debate inside the McCain campaign is whether or not to go more negative.

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