Monday, October 13, 2008

A Joke, Kind of, Except It's Not Funny If You're a Republican (Or Hillary Clinton)

Here's my joke: How many Republicans does it take to lose a presidential election?

Answer: None. Just hire the Democrats that ran Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Here's a good article describing 5 things that Hillary Clinton did wrong in her race against Obama:

There is one parallel between Clinton's campaign and McCain's. McCain has tried to be the change candidate but at the same time talks about his vast experience. This not a time to run on experience against Obama. Ask Clinton how that went for her.

McCain's mistakes:
1. McCain is reaching by trying to be the "change" candidate.
The Repulicans in the past have taken the strongest campaign point for the Democrats and co-opted it with great success. GW took "strong on defense" and "war veteran" away from Kerry, for example, even though GW never served in Vietnam.

2. McCain took public money.

3. McCain was not prepared to battle Obama in traditionally red states.

4. The economy.

5. Palin.

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