Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why I Put Up This Blog

I used to forward folks stuff I'd find that would make me smile or laugh and I'm sure that at least some were annoyed by the frequency at which I'd forward them stuff and were too nice to tell me to quit. So, I figured I'd use a blog and post links and other things here that made me smile/laugh and if my friends want to check it out they can. And I stopped sending them so many emails. I went ahead and back dated some of the posts to when I first saw the subject of the post (yes, I actually save stuff that makes me laugh, I have a special email folder for it). I also will throw in some cartoons and comic strips by me plus some sports stuff. I have 2 original comic strips that appear here ("Our Pets" and "Episode"). If there's something that makes you laugh and want me to post it, let me know. By the way, as you can tell I'm not a trained artist so please, go easy on my cartooning.
"Our Pets" still has it's own blog/site (www.ourpetsthecomicstrip.com), plus I started another blog about the Texas Rangers that's no longer active. That's all been consolidated here. In the interest of full disclosure I do have another blog, politicalthougthsnow.com, that's just about politics.
So basically, FYVP is where I post stuff that makes me laugh (if you don't think its funny I fart in your general direction) as well as my thoughts on entertainment (especially sci fi/comic book stuff and music stuff) and some of my cartoons.

Take it easy, JG.

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