Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just Kidding

Or, Alternate Title: "Susan Smith tried it, Todd just thought she could pull it off.
(Ashley Todd, left; Susan Smith, right)

So, the McCain volunteer, Ashley Todd, in Pennsylvania who claimed that an African-American male mugged her and upon seeing a McCain bumper sticker on her car proceeded to carve a "B" on her face has admitted it was all hoax. Not the funny kind. This is the, "sad and reflective of how far we still have to go," kind of hoax.

I'm not the first to write this but it's sadly reminiscent of the Susan Smith case. Smith accused an African-American male of kidnapping her kids. It turned out Smith made the whole think up and she actually killed her own children. Of course the hoax is not as extreme in that Todd was not trying to cover up the crime of murder. But, Todd was potentially trying to influence a presidential election by making false, racially based allegations. It is still sad.

All joking aside, especially in this context, this young women is apparently troubled. To what extent is yet to be determined. That said, this writer feels badly that this young lady, for whatever reason, has come to this point. I hope she receives the care she needs.

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