Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more thoughts on the last debate

More Thoughts:

McCain stated early on that, "Americans are angry." Yes, if they attend your rallies they do seem very angry. It's just a question of at what or who.

According to McCain, Obama is for class warfare. Really? Since when? Based on what? Giving tax cuts to the middle class?

McCain says says tax rates for businesses are high. I don't think that's going to resonate with any middle-class voters, but with rich folk, it will, especially with Exxon making record profits for how many years in a row?

McCain again mentions the over-head projector. Again. OK, we get it. Obama got an over priced projector for his home state/town, no one cares.

McCain had a nice line about not being President Bush. Obama a took while to link him to President Bush, but did make the link eventually.

McCain did make eye contact with Obama. Good. Or is it? Especially when the he began sighing audibly when split screens started later in the debate.

Once the "negative campaigning" questions started McCain looked angry, and from there on started sighing audibly off screen.

Obama thinks Biden is qualified to be POTUS but, he doesn't mention "she who shall not be named (Palin) ," unless forced to; later on he is force talk about her and, is very cordial speaking about "she who shall not be named" without saying anything.

McCain says Palin is tough on reform. But what if she is POTUS? McCain never answers the question. He does say that he thinks Biden would not be so good.

Health care debate goes over most people's heads. But, McCain throws out some numbers, namely, the average health care cost for Americans is $5,800.00. McCain offers a $5,000.00 tax credit, whatever that means. Where does the other $800.00 comes from for the average American come from?

Education: It's a state/local thing, let's be honest. Not to say that it's not a problem that needs serious attention. More on this later.

No one looks good when they interupt someone else.

And twice McCain bagged on Dallas. He referenced Kennedy not being able to carry out debates with Goldwater because he was assasinated in, you guessed it, Dallas; debates, by the way, that Kennedy never agreed to. And the Cardinals beating the Cowboys this past Sunday. McCain, apparently doens't care for Dallas.

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