Friday, October 31, 2008

McCain, Money & Khalidi

Or, alternate title: Again, McCain Throws Stones From His 6 Glass Houses

McCain and his camp are continuing to make an issue of Obama's attendance at a going away party for Prof. Khalidi when he was leaving the University of Chicago to take a position at Columbia. Obama has eaten meals with Khalidi and his family. Obama spoke at his going away party. Why is this a big deal? Because McCain is trying to scare people again. Now he's trying to scare the Jewish community specifically and the public generally.

But, McCain has a problem with bringing up Khalidi. The International Republican Institute, when McCain was chairman (that means in charge), gave almost half a million dollars to Center for Palestine Research and Studies when Khalidi was on the board of trustees. In essence, McCain helped fund Khalidi's organization.

So, why would McCain bring this up when he's funding Khalidi's organization?

Again, the erratic/maverick McCain campaign at work, a different day a different attack, trying to scare the electorate. But once again, McCain is attacking from a glass house.

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