Friday, October 24, 2008

"GOP Forms Circular Firing Squad"*

Or, "hey, that hurts when you stick that knife in my back."

*title of this post taken from the title of a great article on

Maybe some of the Republicans are tired of McCain the Maverick. By the way, I'm starting to think that Erratic/Maverick McCain is more correct in describing his campaigning style.

So the latest bad news for McCain is from his own party (supposedly it's his party, but you wouldn't know it from recent headlines). The National Republican Senatorial Committe is running an ad with the central premise that if Senator Dole loses her particular Senate seat the Democrats will control "all branches of govenment," and "have a blank check." So it seems they are assuming an Obama victory.
So McCain's fellow Republican Senatorial leadership is saving their own skin, by essentially advertising, "hey, Obama's going to win, so at least balance him out with a Republican Senator." Ow.

McCain's love/hate relationship with his own party may be why none of Bush's big 527 supporters are going to bat for McCain this election cycle.

Lastly, here's another example of the animosity between McCain and his party. The very conservative Washington Times ran a story yesterday titled, "McCain Lambasts Bush Years." McCain takes dead aim at W. and the Republican controlled Congress (of which he was and is a member) instead of going after Obama and the Dems that have controlled Congress the last two years. I'm not sure what McCain's strategy is here. Is going after the Republican base's favorite son, W., and the Republican Congress from 2000-2006 in a newspaper only the Republican base really reads a good idea? Is it telling when the Whitehouse spokesperson has to defend the sitting Republican president against the Republican nominee?

This is yet another example of a campaign that is all over the place, attacking everyone and everything, with no clear message or theme. In other words, classic Erratic/Maverick McCain.

Side note: At least the RNC is still finacially supporting McCain in his campaign. Representative, Michele "Joe McCarthy," Bachmann is no longer receiving money from the RNC. Ouch.

Side side note: If you're having trouble figuring out who to vote for go to:
and take their quiz.

Side side side note: The below link from helps Obama supporters encourage others to actually get out and vote otherwise the loss of the election could very well be their fault. At the very least it's funny:

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