Tuesday, September 1, 2009

- FYI: I'm Still Figuring This Thing Out

After much thought I am again going to attempt to consolidate all the stuff I write/cartoon/post in one place. This time it's going to be right here at PTN. It felt a little unstable for me to have all these different sites especially when I was the only one doing the writing/drawing. Stuff that would have been posted on OurPetsComicStrip.com and fyvpblog.com will be posted here and I've uploaded past posts from those sites here at PTN. I didn't post on those sites very often anway. So, keep in mind that there will be the occasional non-political cartoon, video and/or post. And those posts will likely involve cartoons about our pets, other random, non-political cartoons, stuff about sci-fi/comic books and things that generally make me smile/laugh. But, generally, and more often than not, the posts here will in some form or fashion relate to politics.

Feedback is always appreciated. Do you think this a good idea? Bad? Please let me know by emailing me at jg@politicalthoughtsnow.com.

Lastly, www.TheTexasRangersBlog.com will continue as an independent, separate site because I'm not the only one who writes on it.

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