Saturday, June 13, 2009

Letterman-Palin Questions & Answers

Or, alternate title, Thoughts For Food.

Question 1 :
Was Letterman's joke about Palin's daughter (getting knocked up by A-Rod or attracting Elliot Spitzer) in poor taste no matter which daughter it was about?

Answer : Yes

Question 2:
Should A-Rod be pissed about the joke?

Answer: Probably, but he's still recovering from far greater hits to his reputation.

Question 3:
Should Spitzer be pissed about the joke?

Answer: See the answer to question 2, plus, Spitzer's probably just happy people are still talking about him and maybe even thinks he's still relevant.

Question 4 :
Do I believe Letterman meant the joke to be about the elder (18 years old) Palin daughter and not the younger (14 year old) daughter?

Answer : Yes, maybe, probably, I don't know.

Question 5:
Would you be surprised if an underage daughter of Gov. Palin's was pregnant out of wedlock?

Answer: See Bristol Palin

Question 6 :
Has this has helped Letterman's ratings?

Answer : Yes

Question 7:
Does Letterman mind that this has helped his ratings?

Answer : Yes, in that he didn't mean the joke to be about the 14 year old. Maybe. Probably. Kinda.

Question 8:
Did Gov. Sarah Palin put her pregnant (at the time) daughter Bristol, with her boyfriend (what's his name again?), in the public spotlight and thus in the media's cross hairs by parading both of them on and off the stage at the Republican National Convention?

Answer : Yes

Question 9:
As Gov. Palin espouses, does abstinence only sex education work for America's youth?

Answer: See Bristol Palin.

Question 10:
Would President Obama have been elected President, or even won the Democratic nomination for President, if one of his young, underage daughters had been knocked up out of wed-lock?

Answer: See Bristol Palin and her mother, the non-Vice President and still Gov. of Alaska Sarah Palin.

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