Monday, June 15, 2009

More Unabashed Racism from GOP Members

From Wonkette:

First, there's a facebook post by a low level (bottom feeding) GOP nobody, Rusty DePass-former state senate candidate-, regarding an escaped lowland gorilla. This stupendously racist moron wrote, “I’m sure it’s just one of Michelle’s ancestors — probably harmless.”

Second, and not to be out done, another low level GOP moron, Sherri Goforth, sent an email "picturing" the 44 presidents with this image attached:

Neither DePass nor Goforth have unconditionally apologized. DePass said he was making reference to the First Lady's stance on evolution and is sorry if anyone took it the "wrong" way. Right, sure that's what he meant by the comment. And I have some ocean front property in Oklahoma that maybe this idiot is willing to buy if he actually thinks anyone is dumb enough to accept that lame reasoning behind his comment. Goforth would only say that she was sorry that she sent it to the wrong email list. Whoops, she meant to only send it to other like-minded racist imbeciles. Brilliant apologies. Mr. DePass and Ms. Goforth are standing behind, or rationalizing or making excuses and generally not apologizing for their racist vitriol. Wow.

It's just another example of more shockingly, "make me speechless" racism that is unfortunately still alive and well.

Mr. DePass' contact information is at his real estate firm's website. His phone number is 803.255.8609. His email address is . The website for his failed state senate campaign is .

Ms. Goforth is actually employed by a Republican state senator in Tennesse, namely Dianne Black. Senator Black's website is Senator Black's government website is
Senator Black can be emailed at .
The phone number to Senator Black's office, where Ms. Goforth works, is (615) 741-1999.

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