Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back to the Serious: Collin County Texas GOP Official Sent Racist Email

Diann Jones, a Vice-Chairman (even though she's a she, more on that below) of the Collin County (just north of Dallas County) Republican Party, sent an email to her fellow local Republicans regarding a fictional proposed tax on firearms that in part read, "another terrific idea from the black house and its minions." One Republican who found it offensive was a local judge who forwarded the email on to fellow judges. Then it leaked to the media. Of course Jones claims that she didn't write that portion of the email and wasn't aware that the racist portion was included in her email. Right, sure she didn't notice the racist remark. And the GOP wonders why some say it's turning into the White Male Christian Republican Party.

To further prove the point about the closed, backwards nature of some in the GOP, the Collin County GOP calls her, Ms. Jones, a female, a "Vice-Chairman", go look on their site if you don't believe me. They haven't progressed to the point of referring to female leaders as chairpersons. I know it's just a word but words have meaning and impact people's perception. In this case they think little enough of her and fellow female Republicans that they refer to her as a man, albeit a chairman in this case. Brilliant.

Vice-Chairman Diann Jones' phone number is 972 540 5985, the Collin County Republican Party can be emailed at, their website is

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