Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frivolous Giuliani Golf Lawsuit Booted Out of Court

There's been many an argument about frivolous lawsuits being filed, especially here in Texas, by those no-good trial attorneys. Well here's a story about a a frivolous lawsuit filed by a well-to-do youngster. I'd write "spoiled brat" but I don't know the kid personally, but, who else would file a lawsuit for getting kicked off the golf team at Duke for assault on a team member and insubordination?

Apparently, Rudy Giuliani's kid went to Duke and played for their golf team as a non-scholarship player. Then, he was kicked off the team. Next, he sued. Now, a magistrate judge has recommended that the suit be thrown out of court. In the opinion the judge mockingly used golf parlance and even quoted the classic comedy, "Caddy Shack". Essentially, the judge thought the suit lacked merit, in other words, it was frivolous.

People always point to the, "McDonald's coffee spilled in the lap" lawsuit as an example of a frivolous lawsuit. Well, the facts of that case might change your mind about it if you're one that thinks of it as frivolous. About the McDonald's coffee case I'll just state that there were 3rd degree burns, the injured person's lap, and skin grafts involved.

So much for frivolous lawsuits always being filed by ambulance chasing trial attorneys. Sometimes they're filed by the kids of former Republican presidential candidates. It should be interesting to hear Rudy Giuliani speak out against, "frivolous lawsuits," in the future given his son's adventures in the legal system.

I'm not sure but, someone please tell me that this is the same kid that acted like a brat up during a then-Mayor Giuliani's speech, a speech that was classically mocked by snl:

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