Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RNC Chairman Steele & GOP Trying Old Tricks

The RNC's chairman, Mr. Steele, rolled out some of the same talking points that McCain tried to use in last year's campaign. He referred to the celebrity of Obama, as well as a talking about "real Americans". Here's some of the speech if you're interested:

Lastly, and this is confusing, the RNC also has pending for a vote a resolution calling on the Democratic Party to rename/rebrand itself the "Democrat Socialist Party". To reiterate, the RNC is taking time and money to consider and vote on a resolution essentially asking the Democrats to change the name of their party. Brilliant. And remember, this is more of the same from last election when they attempted to brand Obama as a socialist.

Some claim or are worried that the Republicans have become the "No" party. Some are worried that all they do is call the Dems names and don't offer any tenable solutions to issues and problems that the nation faces. What is the GOP against, in other words what do they say "no" to? Here's an incomplete list of what many in the GOP are against:
1) gay rights
2) abortion
3) government regulation
4) immigration reform
5) health insurance reform
6) stem cell research
7) environmental law reform

Fewer and fewer people identify with the GOP and what they stand for or against. Maybe the GOP should change their name to the "White Male Christian Republican Party". I'm joking of course. But see, my joke illustrates the GOP's problem because it's exactly that, a joke. I'm making a joke by demanding or suggesting that the GOP change it's name. The GOP's problem is that the RNC is actually taking time and money to seriously consider whether it should "demand" that the Democratic Party change its name. That the GOP would take time and money to consider what amounts to official name calling of the opposing party isn't funny or a joke, it's just sad.

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