Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Sarah Palin Is Writing a Memoir

Gov. Palin (AK) has announced her plans to release her memoir in 2010. I'll let you pick the punchline.

a) It's going to be released in two versions, coloring book or pop-up book.

b) Chapter 2: "How NOT to Teach Abstinence to Your Teen ".

c) Chapter 1: "The Beginning of the Universe, 6,000 Years Ago".

d) Chapter 3: "The Differences and Similarities In Answering Questions in a Beauty Contest Versus a Presidential Campaign (Miss California, I Feel Your Pain)".

e) Chapter 4: "How to Read ALL the Periodicals Released in Alaska".

f) Chapter 6: "A Guide to Shopping on the GOP Credit Card".

g) Chapter 7: "I Hate Katie Couric and Tina Fey".

h) Chapter 9: "How to Tell the Difference Between a Phone Call From the Real President of France and a Prank Call From a Montreal DJ".

i) Palin: "Do you think Ann Coulter will write it for me if I promise to be her best friend?"

j) If there's no ghostwriter an anonymous source says, "If Palin writes it herself all the "chapters" in the memoir are likely going to be more like paragraphs, and by paragraphs I mean more like sentences, and by sentences I mean more like phrases or sentence fragments." The same source reports that without a ghostwriter Sarah Palin has confessed, "It's not going to be so much a memoir, maybe more like a 3-fold-pamphlet. Gosh darn, writing is hard."

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  1. Ouch! Even David Letterman could not have come up with a better Top Ten.