Friday, August 14, 2009

- New Details on Cheney's "Scorched Earth" Memoir

It seems if people are going to knock down Mr. Cheney he's going to bring others down with him, specifically President George W. Bush. Using legalese phrases like, "the statute of limitations" on his secrets have expired, Mr. Cheney has let fly new details about his memoir (the announcement of which was previously discussed here on PTN).

It looks like Mr. Cheney felt like his old BFF W. stopped hanging on Cheney's every word during their second term. Cheney, as he is accustomed to doing, apparently talks/writes out of both sides of his mouth calling W. soft and at the same time independent. I would guess Cheney thinks W. was soft when W. wouldn't start a third war in Iran. And W. was independent when he stopped listening to Crazy-Old-Man-Cheney (seriously, doesn't Cheney remind you of the bad guy in any number of Scooby Doo episodes - can't you see him saying, "I would have gotten away with invading Iran too if it wasn't for you kids and your internets and elections!").

So, to get back at W., Cheney's going to air all their dirty laundry (I hope). Oh Mr. Cheney, for being 197 years old you sure seem to act like a mean-spirited, jealous, petty 7 year old.

Here are some of my recent posts/cartoons regarding Crazy-Old-Man-Cheney:

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