Tuesday, August 11, 2009

- New Local News Website Launched

DallasSouthNews.org is up and running. It's a non-profit site that focuses on a myriad of things local, state and national. It pays particular attention to issues relevant to South Dallas, as you may have been able to infer by the title of the site and web address' url.

Yours truly has been asked to contribute to DallasSouthNews.org. Of course, I will still post first here on PTN. And, don't worry, I'll still post whatever I want, when I want here on PTN. It'll be up to those at DallasSouthNews.org to decide what content they choose to use from here at PTN.

So congratulations to DallasSouthNews.org on its launch.

Again, please check out DallasSouthNews.org for another angle on the news if you get a chance.

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