Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Email Your Elected Officials and Let Them Know How You Feel About an Issue

Email you Congressperson (you need your full zip code, ie, 12345-1234, if you don't know it click here to get it.)

I live in Dallas, Texas so:

For State of Texas issues email your State Senator or State Rep. by following the links here. Email the Governor of Texas here.

For Dallasites regarding municipal issues email the mayor, your council member or the whole city council by following the links here. (Not sure who your council member is? Click here for a map of the districts.)

You should let your elected officials in Washington D.C. or your state or your town know how you feel on issues important to you, no matter what side of any issue you're on. Imagine how tedious it was in decades past when you had to actually write a letter, address an envelope and take said letter to a mailbox. Now with this marvelous invention called the internet you have no excuse. And if you don't think they or their staff read emails you're wrong. They're in the business of getting elected so they take their constituents' emails very seriously. Click on the links above and email your elected officials and let them know what you think on any issue you'd like. Pass this along to others so they can too.

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