Monday, December 8, 2008


Or alternate title, didn't we beat that team?

So the BCS rankings are official and UT is 3rd. OU is number 2. What is frustrating and confusing by these rankings is that UT beat OU, head to head, on a neutral field. Furthermore, it's not just the computer-created BCS poll that's out of whack. The BCS takes into account, I believe, the coaches and AP polls. But look at both of those and UT is behind a team it beat. Especially frustrating is the AP poll where OU is #1 even though in that same poll staring up is UT at #3. Again, UT BEAT OU, ON A NEUTRAL FIELD, ON NATIONAL TV! What's so hard in ranking UT ahead of OU?

Don't give me the Texas Tech argument either. OU fans will point out that UT lost to Tech and OU beat them badly. First, UT lost at Tech. OU was at home when they beat Tech. Second, and most importantly, you only use and consider such rankings arguments when the two teams you're trying to rank never played. But, wait UT and OU played, so you know who's better by looking at their play against each other on the field. There is no need to extrapolate how they would compare because they had never faced each other. Again, UT beat OU, heads up.

Another frustrating component to this whole thing is that UT and UT fans had to watch two teams play in the Big 12 championship that UT had beaten on the field in the regular season.

Every other division of college football has a playoff, so should the highest? Coaches say the extra games will hurt their student-athletes in the classroom. Besides that being funny, college student-athletes that play football in lower divisions handle it fine. Also, basketball players handle it fine and they play a boatload more games than football players.

More on basketball compared to football in relation to the argument that a playoff would make the regular football season meaningless. College football "purists" say that the bowl system is great if only because that's they way it's always been. Each regular season game is a playoff and a post season playoff will make the college football regular season meaningless. That is the stupidest argument I've ever heard. No one is advocating a college football 64 team playoff so, not every big program will make the playoff. What people are advocating is usually an 8 team playoff. So, guess what, it would be a race to land in the top 8 by the end of the season. Then, the argument would be between those teams ranked 8-11, for example. This season, it would be between Penn State, Tech, Ohio State, Boise State, and TCU. There would still be an argument but at least it would be farther on down the rankings.

Anyone else ready for a playoff? And what if OU beats Florida? UT will have beaten the "National Champion"? Does that make a sense to anyone? Of course OU will likely lose to Florida and OU will have choked away another chance at National Championship handed to them on a silver platter. Hook 'em.

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