Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coldplay Rips Off(Allegedly) Small Brooklyn Band Called "Creaky Boards"???

Creaky Boards released their song in 2007 before Coldplays' "Vida La Vida", which was released in 2008:

One problem for Creaky Boards and Coldplay though, Joe Satriani released his instrumental, "If I Could Fly" in 2004. Whoops.

Why is this of note? This could turn into a nasty lawsuit with millions of dollars at stake. Just ask the Verve what happened when they sampled, "too much," of a Rolling Stones song, even though the Verve had been given permission ahead of releasing "Bittersweat Symphony" to sample part of the Stones song, "The Last Time".

Artilce on Coldplay vs. Creaky Boards:

Article on Coldplay vs. Joe Satriani:

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