Thursday, April 23, 2009

Judicial Recusal Bill Pending In Texas House

Would you want a judge hearing your case on appeal when that judge has received campaign contributions from your adversary or your adversary's attorney? I wouldn't. I would hope you wouldn't either.

Pending in the Texas House is a bill that would require justices/judges on the Texas Supreme Court/Court of Criminal Appeals (the highest appellate civil and criminal courts in Texas, respectively) to recuse themselves from a case if that justice/judge received $1,000.00 or more from someone involved in the case. (text of bill here)

House Bill 4548(H.B. 4548) is still in committee, and we'll have to see if it gets out. After that, there's no assurance that it passes the Texas House and Senate. Why? Who could be against a bill like this? Surely it would pass with little or no opposition. Well, some folks might like having judges in high places to whom they've paid money. But, I don't know how anyone, organization, or business entity could be openly against this bill without looking like they just wanted to line the pocket of justices and judges that would be hearing their cases.

Of course I'm all for the bill.

Want to let your Texas representative and/or senator know how you feel about this bill (whether you agree with me or not) or any other piece of legislation? Then, click here.

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  1. Really nice piece today. This bill must pass. Unbelievable that this has been going on so long.