Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Betty Brown, Let Your Ignorance Shine!

Betty Brown (who recently appeared on my list of terrible Texas politicians), a member of the Texas House of Representatives, recently suggesed that Asians and Asian Americans adopt names that are easier (for people like her?) to deal with:

Betty Brown just suggests, like it's no big deal, that all Asians and Asian Americans adopt Americanized names. ALL of them! Wow! I wonder if Ms. BETTY BROWN has trouble with any of those other crazy languages like Spanish or Portuguese or German or Italian or Polish or Russian. Maybe ALL of those from and descended from countries that speak languages other than English and with ethnic names should adopt Americanized names so it's "easier" for folks like her.

The respectful speaker at this hearing should have suggested that instead of Asians and Asian Americans adopting names that are easier for Ms. Brown to understand maybe Ms. Brown should change from being an ignorant talking head to a thoughtful policy maker.

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