Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Colbert Tackles Glen Beck (For a Loss)

One of Comedy Central's dynamic duo (Stewart and Colbert) has struck again, going where other traditional media types either aren't smart enough to venture or brave enough.

This time it was Colbert on a solo adventure taking on Glen Beck, making Beck looking like a hysterical hypocrite. Of course does Beck really need any help looking like a hysterical hypocrite?
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Who are "them"? How will Beck scare people into helping Beck help them (the good, scared them) help him against them (the bad scary them)? What will Colbert's 10.31 project be? Does Beck think the show "24" is real? Will Beck understand that Colbert's making fun of him? Stay tuned for more of the dynamic duo versus "Those That Fear 'Them' " true believers.

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