Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Tea Parties" Gather Sore Losers

Last month I posted the below regarding the "Tea Party" protests planned for today, tax day. For multiple reasons I think these protests fall somewhere between comedic and sadly misinformed. Remember, the American revolutionaries had their Tea Party because they had no representation in England's parliment. As far as I understand our elected officials, from local to state to national, have been elected, for the most part, fairly by the electorate. That's a small yet remarkably important difference between then and now. These folks protesting at these supposed "Tea Parties" that are upset by tax day have a recourse the revolutionaries did not, they can vote out their elected representatives. However, something tells me that most of those protesting are the "real Americans" Palin spoke about during the election. They feel that they somehow unfairly lost the White House and the Congress this past election cycle. In other words they're just sore losers. But that's just my guess.

I Don't Want to Do That to the White House!
The intrepid Fox reporter featured in the clip below tells us that the organization "Re Tea Party" wants people to do to the White House what I can only imagine has been done to some unsuspecting fraternity members that are sleeping or passed out. Wait for it, he really says it at about 1:55 in this clip:

Then read what this organization wants you to do to Washington D.C. by visiting their website (click here) and reading their third headline next to the map of the USA. They want you to "tea bag" DC and the White House.

What does this term mean to most? Click here to find out.

The organization "Re Tea Party" may be:
(1) a grass roots group that's very conservative but has no clue or
(2) a grass roots organization in name only funded by wealthy conservative groups that has no clue or
(3) the rare and thought extinct conservative group, grass roots or not, with a great sense of humor.

Personally, I think it's all a bunch of number 2, see above.

I know I don't want to do that to Washington D.C. or the White House and neither should you! Or maybe you think it'd be funny and you want to. Either way, tell them what you think of their desire to commit this heinous/hilarious act on D.C. and the White House by emailing them (click here).

Spread the word about this comedic, intentional or not, political organization by clicking the envelope below.

On a serious note, the Boston Tea Party was an event in United States history that took place because the American colonists were being taxed and generally governed without representation in the British Parliament. Parliament first forced Brits and colonists to only buy heavily taxed tea from Britain and the East India Company. This led to smuggling of tea by Dutch and colonial merchants. Then, Parliament essentially granted the East India Company a monopoly regarding the importation of tea to the colonies when it repealed customs and duties the company owed Britain therefore, undercutting the prices smugglers could offer. Those living in Great Britain couldn't really complain much because they elected Parliament. The colonists had a beef because they had no representation in Parliament.

Why the history lesson? Because this "Re Tea Party" group makes little or no sense unless they're made up of colonists of the United States and have no representation in Congress. Maybe they're all residents of Washington D.C. (D.C. doesn't have a vote in the House or Senate). Or maybe "Re Tea Party" has no knowledge or sense of history, maybe.

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