Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lest We Forget the Past Internet "Stars"

Or, alternate title, Numa Numa Guy vs. Chocolate Rain Guy vs. Star Wars Kid vs. Afro Ninja vs. Tron Guy vs. Leave Britney Alone Guy vs. Laughing Baby vs. Dramatic Turn Gopher vs. Sneezing Panda
I saw a "South Park" episode that reminded me of past internet/YouTube stars. Here are the ones featured in the "South Park" episode:
Numa Numa Guy
Not to be out done, I give you Chocolate Rain Guy:
Able to slice both in half if he had a real light saber is Star Wars Kid:
But ready to fight Star Wars kid is Afro Ninja:
Standing in a corner watching all this is Tron Guy:
Crying because of all of it is Leave Britney Alone Guy:
Finding all this humorous is Laughing Baby:
Turning around to check all this out is Dramatic Turn Gopher:
While the Sneezing Panda sneezed

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