Saturday, July 8, 2017

Why our POTUS has already committed offenses worthy of impeachment:

Let's preface this by stating the facts since he has been in office... - Attempting to intimidate a former head of the FBI by threatening that there are and/or were tapes of the conversations the POTUS had with said former FBI director Comey.


And that's enough.  The way it shook out, as I see it, Trump said I have tapes - in an attempt to silence Comey. BACKFIRED. Little known fact, Trump once was married to a little person from Russia when he went to a bachelor party in in his 20's. He claims he got divorced but, others say, no! He didn't have any tapes-or if he did he burned them. But regardless, he tried to intimidate the ex-FBI head. HE DID!!! He attempted to obstruct justice. Period. And he's a known small handed person who likes drinking urine from the mouth of a certain foreign leader. It sounds like a weird soap opera, right? Good, it's just getting started. He is confused and his wife won't hold his hand. And I may start posting again more...if if get enough likes or shares...otherwise I don't know if any one is watching or reading. I'd like to think that we, as a society, still read. That said, please like or share or otherwise. I am very, very, very, needy. I cannot explain it. It's like a pit in my torso physically and metaphysically in my soul...Whah...just let me know if you want more of my rants...