Saturday, July 15, 2017

Impeachment and/or resignation, check and mate, right??

He f(cking admitted it!!! 

Intent is key. Junior, as a surrogate of our sitting president, met with Russians (you know there had to have been more than the one person) because he thought it would help his father's candidacy.

I don't care if this Russian attorney had no sway.  Junior thought the lawyer did. And Junior was deathly afraid that the video of his dad's really, really, really small hands in a weird video from a Russian hotel room where he was playing patty cakes with an unnamed person with much larger hands would come to light. 

Impeach you cowardly Republicans, you GOP'ers that claim to be a party of Reagan much less Lincoln. 

BOOM.  GAME OVER. Next question, when did Senior, POTUS, know about the meeting?

And, all the Republicans in office now, if you don't move to impeach immediately, may history be more kind than the electorate next term. 

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