Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So I Guess I'm Not Going to Arizona Anytime Soon

The AZ governor says that their new illegal immigration law won't lead to racial profiling.

Who are they going to stop and ask for their papers?  Blonde and blue eyed people?  People that look like illegal Canadian immigrants?  I can hear it now, "What's this all aboot?!?"  "I'm not your buddy, guy!"  "I'm not your guy, friend!"  "I'm not your friend, buddy!"  If there's two things I hate it's intolerance and Canadians.

Of course I'm kidding.

But, all kidding aside, because this is serious, AZ's new law may can lead down a serious, perilous, slippery slope of intolerances.  For example...

They're just going to ask Hispanics for their papers.  Maybe the armed police will just go door to door to all the residences that have Hispanic surnames listed as renters/owners.  Then, after they've asked for their papers, to make it easier next time, they'll have all Hispanics wear the picture of a taco or Our Lady of Guadalupe on their clothes to identify them as legal.

And then, AZ can just have all the "legal" Hispanics live in the same neighborhood, like a suburb, or apartment complexes or maybe ghettos.

Or better yet AZ can just have all Hispanics wear a bracelet with a number on it.  Odd number = legal.  Even number = illegal.  Just for the ease of the law enforcement officers.

Or even better yet, since they (the Hispanics) could maybe somehow rid themselves of the bracelets, maybe AZ will just pass a law that Hispanics have to get a tattoo on their wrist with the above referenced odd or even numbered designations indicating who is in fact here in the USA legally and who is not.

And keep in mind some Hispanic families have lived in the region since before it was a state.

And those with the even numbers (the "illegals"), when found, can just be put on buses or even better, trains, and shipped off to who knows where.

Way to go AZ.

I'm not going to lie, when I heard that this law was passed it was a punch to my gut.  But, it's also a gut-check.

The AZ law is, in my humble opinion, violative of not only the 14th Amendment but also the 4th Amendment of our Constitution for a number of reasons (reasons I will not go into right now but, trust me, it's unconstitutional).  Hopefully, it will be struck down as such in short order.

Fundamentally though, it smacks of intolerance and ease.  Not all Hispanics are illegal but, AZ would, simply and in an intolerant gesture, subject all Hispanics to the potential indignity of being asked, "for their papers," regardless of whether a person was born here in the USA or not.  We are, last I checked, a nation made up of immigrants (unless you're a Native American).  Of course, at times, this great nation has treated immigrants with reckless intolerance.  This is just another example.  Ask Italian or German or Japanese or Irish immigrants or their progeny about the indignities they faced in the last century or so.  There are African "immigrants" but, I don't include them in the previous list because their experience, with few exceptions and in large measure, and for obvious reasons, is unique.

But, as usual, I digress.

Again, I'll not be visiting AZ anytime soon if I can help it.

And of course, SNL, in the second "story" below incapsulates how asinine AZ's law is:

And as usual I welcome your comment.

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