Sunday, April 25, 2010

Remember I Said November 2010 Is a Ways Away?

After health insurance reform passed the GOP'ers declared that they would use its passage as a rallying point to flip one if not both chambers of Congress during the midterm elections this year in November.  And I recall pointing out that there was a heck of a lot of time left until the midterms and finance reform was next on the list.

And now the GOP is "digging in" to oppose finance reform.  Really?  Do they think opposing finance reform is a good idea, especially in light of all the terrible press coming out as a result of the Goldman Sachs investigation?  Or do they just understand who butters their toast?  And don't get me wrong, the table was at least partially set for the whole financial mess when Bill Clinton signed the law repealing Glass-Steagall.  Reinstating Glass-Steagall should be number one on the list of reforms considered.

But, as usual I digress.

Either way, (whether the GOP really thinks the financial status quo is OK or they owe their benefactors on Wall Street) you have to admire the GOP for sticking to their guns as the party of no.  Even if it means alienating voters before the midterm elections.

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