Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spurs vs. Phoenix (Texas vs. Arizona)

How can a city and state get it so right (San Antonio, Texas) and one city and state get it so, so wrong (Phoenix, Arizona). 

On so many levels.

Number of Presidents, Texas - 2 (I only count native born Texans, which are LBJ and Dwight D. Eisenhower, not the Yankees, H.W. Bush and W. Bush); AZ - 0.

Number of NBA championships, San Antonio, TX - 4; Houston, TX - 2; Phoenix AZ - 0.

Number of laws offensive to Hispanics (keep in mind that each state has at a minimum about a 30% Hispanic population): Texas - 0; AZ - 1.

Way to go AZ (sarcasm intended here).  And way to go Texas (sarcasm not intended here).  Seriously, for all the different ways the GOP have tried to screw up Texas at least the Texan GOP'ers haven't decided to offend one of the largest voting blocks in Texas.  Of course, if Texas State Rep. Donna Riddle has anything to say about it we'll have a similar, intolerant law passed in Texas.  For lots of different reasons I'd like to see Gov. Rick Perry address this. 

Needless to say the immigration issue is a serious one.  But, to sports-minded people like me, the Spurs/Suns series is a big deal, albeit a much, much more minor deal than the immigration issue.  But, what a great coincidence - TX vs AZ.  Politics meets sports yet again.  I wonder if Manu Ginobli or Tony Parker will make sure to carry their visas everywhere they go in AZ in case they're asked for proof of citizenship (yes, I know the law's not effect now).  Tim Duncan was born in the Virgin Islands.  What does that make him?  And how will Eva Longoria "prove" that she's actually an American citizen?  All the Spurs, and their entourage, should, maybe, out of protest, wear their birth certificates, ID's, passports and visas around their necks to show and prove and protest their right to be in these, the United States of America.  

Oh, by the way, which was one of the last states to aknowledge that Martin Luther King, Jr. deservered a holiday for his contribution to us?  Oh, that's right, it was the state that keeps on discriminating in the post civil rights movement era, a state called AZ.  Way to go AZ.  Way to keep the trend going.

But, as usual I digress, AZ will play TX.  The Suns will play the Spurs.  Phoenix vs. San Antonio.  Who do you think has got it right?

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