Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Firing Leach Benefits...

In case you didn't hear, Texas Tech's coach Mike Leach was fired for allegedly mistreating one of his concussed players, one Adam James son of ESPN analyst Craig James, who reportedly showed up to practice wearing sunglasses

From blogger Deceptive Speed of is the hilarious, not-based-in-fact-whatsoever following:

My favorite part is the probable dialogue of how this whole thing went down:
Leach:  "James!  D@mm!t, James!  What the f#%k are those sunglasses?"

James (with big sh!t-eating surfer boy f#$k you grin): "Y'ar matey, doctor's orders!  Got a concussion so I'm sensitive to light."

Leach: "Light?  Well, g#ddam!t, you're right.  Get the f@#k in the equipment shed and turn out the lights so your precious f@#king head doesn't get more f@#ked up."

James: "Uh, what?"

Leach: "Get. The. F@#k. In. The. God. D@mn. Shed. Son."

and scene.
Now, for some reason, I gotta vent.

I really don't have a dog in this fight, I'm a Longhorn for Bevo's sake. But, given everything I've read about the situation this sounds like the straw that was used as an excuse for Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers to fire a coach he didn't like. And the termination letter said he was fired for cause. So a coach can't instruct an injured/concussed player to stay in an cool/air conditioned dark room? Furthermore, it has been reported that an apology by Leach to the James family would have avoided Leach's suspension.  Mike Leach, with all his pirate sutff, made casually following Tech football fun. Plus, Tech football was actually relevant. I heard a caller on the Ticket say that Craig James essentially helped inflict another death penalty on another program.

The biggest beneficiary in this whole mess is Texas A&M.

For some reason now I really want to see Mich St. stomp Tech. What do the vast majority of Tech students and alumni want to see happen in that game? And who exactly is going to fill that brand new stadium that Leach's program funded and built?

Lastly, here are some emails regarding the player and Leach from ex-Tech players and coaches.


  1. there's no crying in baseball! or wearing sunglasses in football!

  2. Unfortunately, A&M will likely continue to struggle to compete even with Texas Tech firing Leach.