Thursday, December 10, 2009

Palin Still Receives A LOT of Media Coverage. Why?

Again, let me get this straight, she quit her job as chief executive of her state in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression right? So again, why do people care what she has to say or "write"("write" is in parentheses because, come on, she, like any politician, had a ghost writer)? I know she has a new book out but, who cares and why? If someone could answer that I'd appreciate it and then maybe my head would stop hurting.

And check out Palin's rules for media at her book signing appearances. Apparently Palin doesn't like those non-English speaking media types.

Fake chapter titles from Palin's book (updated):

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Universe, 6,000 Years Ago, When People Walked with Dinosaurs

Chapter 2: How NOT to Teach Abstinence to Your Teen

Chapter 3: The Differences and Similarities In Answering Questions in a Beauty Contest Versus a Presidential Campaign (Miss California, I Feel Your Pain)

Chapter 4: "How to Read ALL the Periodicals Released in Alaska

Chapter 5: A Guide to Shopping on the GOP Credit Card"

Chapter 7: I Hate Katie Couric and Tina Fey

Chapter 8: How to Tell the Difference Between a Phone Call From the Real President of France and a Prank Call From a Montreal DJ

Chapter 9: All My Terrible Interviews and Awful Decisions During the Campaign Were Actually the John McCain Campaign's Fault, Seriously, I Swear

Chapter 10: It was OK For Me to Exploit Levi Johnston During the Republican National Convention By Parading Him Onstage in Front of the Media with My Daughter Who Was Pregnant with His Child at the Time.

Chapter 11: I Don't Understand Where Levi Got the Idea to Try to Get Media Attention

Chapter 12: Why Quitting as Governor of Alaska Made Sense

Chapter 13: Palin/Beck 2012, Now That's a Maverick Ticket for Real America
Some past thoughts on Ms. Palin include but, are not limited to...

- Palin on Health Insurance Reform

- Palin's farewell speech (that I'm pretty sure she wrote all by her mavericky self)

- Shatner's spoken word version of Palin's farewell speech

- Cartoon about Palin's resignation speech (again, I'm pretty sure she also wrote this one all by her mavericky self)

- Letterman vs. Palin regarding the joke about her daughter

- Chapter titles in Palin's memoir (older and a little different than the above)

(Fyi, some/most of the above is from past posts and has been added to/updated with some new thoughts given recent events. What can I tell you, I've been busy.)

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