Monday, November 16, 2009

Tea Partiers vs. Tea Partiers (kinda, sorta)

A Phoenix Tea Party protest organized by American Citizens United against amnesty for illegal immigrants turned ugly when Neo-Nazis showed up and wanted to join in the protest, much to the chagrin of the Tea Party organizers who wanted the Neo-Nazis to leave...

Huh, I guess the Tea Party protesters were actually surprised that their intolerant rantings actually attracted those who take Tea Party views to the extreme, in this case the extremists were Neo-Nazis. That's the funny thing about free speech, you get to hear from all sides, even the ugly, intolerant discriminatory sides.

Update: And here's a hilarious video from Minnesota of a Tea Party protest against amnesty for illegal immigrants getting "punked" (here's a hint at the prank, he is actually speaking against immigrants, just immigrants from a place other than the Americas):


  1. i think the tea party protesters should have the right to not allow nazis if the don't want them at their protest

  2. from what i can gather from a lot of the recent t-bagger protest signs, they probably mistook the illinois nazis for liberal democrats and were afraid they were coming to give them some health care.

    the erickson speech is great, getting a crowd of tea party protesters to chant "columbus go home, columbus go home" is just hilarious.

    i thought they might catch on to what he was doing halfway through the speech and boo/refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants but they didn't.