Saturday, November 21, 2009

Some NPTN's*

non-political thoughts now*

OK, if this was a planned, trick play then the offensive coordinator needs to be talked to. And what type of trick play was it supposed to be? A trick to make the QB look as uncoordinated as possible while at the same time throwing a jump ball back across the field of play?

Is the below what I think it is? Is that a freakin' porta potty on the sideline?

possible captions for the above pic:

man, I wish I hadn't had all that Mexican food right before kick-off

this doesn't have a lock on it, watch the door and make sure no one comes in while I'm handling up on business in here

OK, OK, a whole bunch of beer and cabbage last night was NOT a good idea.

and lastly, I'm sure some of you have seen this but, here's "the drunkest guy ever."

I would be that this guy was on something other than just booze. And more importantly, how did he get to the convenience store?
a) he walked there (I think not, he would have fallen down 10 feet out the door on a sidewalk and never made it to the store, b) he drove there (again I think not, he can't even sit down on the floor, I don't see him operating a motor vehicle without a tragic accident occurring), or c) the most likely way he got to the store, some friends drove him, saw the state he was in, decided to have some with him and said, "hey buddy, do us a solid and pick us up some beer in there." Then, his friends laughed as he went in while they watched from outside.


  1. the drunkest guy ever has got to be on pills or something, maybe quaaludes or meth but something more than just being drunk

  2. I personally know this man, and about ten minutes before entering the store he smoked a MARIJUANA cigarette. This is just an example of how terrible this "miracle drug" really is. He wasn't drunk at all.