Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Greatest Hits From Comments Sections

The below are comments to various articles which were forwarded to me by a friend.

the comment: "Obama warning us about spending is like a drunk at AAA." (thoughts: triple A as in the car service company? I think they probably meant AA-Alcoholics Anonymous. But, shouldn't a drunk be at an AA meeting? So now my head really hurts.)

the comment: "He's gearing up for the campaign trail to help try saving the Dems Congress
jobs next year. Time to talk moderate again to woe the Independents back. I hope they're not that stupid." (thoughts: woe?  oh those poor independents.  maybe he/she means woo.)

 the comment: "I hope all the Dems are happy now that this EMPTY SUITE, destroying the greatest country on earth. After all, the Dems are very ignorance and incompetent. 2010 coming." (thoughts: they are very "ignorance" I tell you. 2010 coming. And Hulk smash. Plus, there are plenty of empty suites, probably because they're hanging in the closets of all the people who used to wear them to work but are now unemployed, in their PJ's, on the couch, watching TV, scouring the internet for a job. When did the recession start again? Who spent money on 2 wars like a drunken sailor on leave?)

I'm an equal opportunity critic and will gladly post funny, nonsense comments to articles from other sites like MSNBC's or's. And yes, I know I have typos too. But, the above is still fun/funny.

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  1. me hate demcrats. Obama bad. Palin more gooder.