Sunday, October 4, 2009

Palin's Memoir Finished Early

So Palin Finished Her Memoir Early...  if she's going to keep on putting out the same old crap [real 'America', mavericky, joe 6-pack], can you blame me for using an old cartoon?)

...I guess she had bunches of good old 'real American' mavericky free time on her hands since she quit her job. And again, let me get this straight, she quit her job as chief executive of her state in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression right? So again, why do people care what she has to say or "write"("write" is in parentheses because, come on, she, like any politician, has ghost writers)

Some past thoughts on Ms. Palin include but, are not limited to...

- Palin on Health Insurance Reform

- Palin's farewell speech (that I'm pretty sure she wrote all by her mavericky self)

- Shatner's spoken word version of Palin's farewell speech

- Cartoon about Palin's resignation speech (again, I'm pretty sure she also wrote this one all by her mavericky self)

- Letterman vs. Palin regarding the joke about her daughter

- Chapter titles in Palin's memoir

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