Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Join Twitter (If You Haven't Already) Follow Drew Carey and "Make Him" Donate 1 Million Dollars

As explained on CNN, Drew Carey has pledged to donate one million dollars to LiveStrong(Lance Armstrong's cancer foundation) if he reaches one million twitter followers by Dec. 31. How and why did he decide to do that?

Drew Olanoff, who has cancer, has the twitter handle "" and put it up for auction to raise money for LiveStrong. Drew Carey caught wind of it and decided to make his bid tied to the number of followers he can get at his twitter handle "". He's going to make a minimum bid of $100,000.00 and will prorate his bid if he doesn't reach the one million follower mark. For example, 250,000 followers at "DrewFromTV" by Dec. 31 equals a bid/donation of $250,000.00 from Drew Carey to LiveStrong. PTN is already following DrewFromTV, you should too, it doesn't cost anything. If you're not on twitter already what better reason to join and follow someone?

Think this is a good cause? Pass it along to others.

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