Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's the Deal With SciFi Movie Dates?

I always wonder why those that make/write scifi movies/stories feel compelled to include a date certain in the not too distant (or distant, whatever the case may be) future when their story takes place. If you look at the list on the poster below there are some great movies by some great writers/filmmakers but, they all include a specific date when their movie/story takes place. First, to "date" their futuristic stories seems strange in and of itself. Moreover, when the story was supposed to take place in 2001, for example, and I'm watching it in 2009, the storyteller loses the some of the ability to persuade me to suspend reality, that's just me though. Why would the scifi writer not just say that the story takes place "in the (not too distant) future"? Or better yet, not mention the date at all?

The below is from danmeth.com. It's a poster showing scifi movie dates, including those that have come and gone and those still down the road:

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