Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Saw Prometheus: I Liked It But...

(spoiler alert, kinda)
I'm already looking forward to the sequel (I hope they make one).  I liked Prometheus but, wasn't necessarily blown away by it - character development was a little lacking (but, wasn't that lacking in Alien too?).  However, it leaves open enough questions that I'm already looking forward to the sequel and expect that if it's made it'll be better than this movie precisely because it will diverge even more from the Alien mythology and develop a mythos all its own.

Questions I have after watching Prometheus:

1. Why does the tech look so much more advanced than the tech in Alien? (explanation could be that Prometheus is a scientific research vessel and the craft in Alien is a mining ship.)

2. Was the Engineer in the beginning a rebel who seeded a planet (Earth?) he wasn't supposed to?

3. Why did the Engineers make the decision to eliminate all us humans?

4. And aren't the "bio-weapons" (Aliens) a little bit of overkill to eliminate all us humans?

5. If we have the same DNA as the Engineers why are they 10 feet tall?

6. How does the Alien end up on the planet where Ripley runs into it?

7. Is there any way the captain of the Prometheus survived that collision? (I like the character and Idris Elba is a pretty darn good actor, while we're at it let's see if Charlize Theron couldn't have survived too.)

8. Do the Engineers know the Predator-race?  (do I hear a clamoring for a Predator vs. Alien vs. Engineer movie?)

9. Will Winona Ryder end up in Prometheus 4?

10. If a Prometheus sequel happens, will Ridley Scott make a Blade Runner sequel after that, please?

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  1. The movie sucked and a sequel will suck even more.