Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rick Barnes Is Brilliant, But Why?

I made a snarky comment on facebook, something like, "Rick Barnes is brilliant because he's the basketball coach at a football school?  Do you think he's a facebook friend of the Duke football coach?"

Seriously, since 2002 UT has made the sweet sixteen or better 6 times.  Three elite 8's and one final four.  Not bad.  But, this year they went from being ranked number 1 in the nation to getting bounced out of the tourney in the first round.  And I would guess that Rick Barnes' job is secure.  For now. 

The last and only final 4 UT has reached since Barnes has been at the helm was in 2003.  And this year was a major step backwards.  UT is regressing as a program.  Albeit regressing from a final 4 appearance in 2003 but nevertheless still regressing.  If they continue to on their current track next season (make the tourney and get bounced in the first or second round, or worse don't make the tourney) then Barnes should maybe worry.  Maybe.  Remember, he's a basketball coach at a football school.

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