Monday, March 15, 2010

Why the UT Mens' Basketball Team Lost

I feel my bad fandom regarding the mens' Texas Longhorns basketball team contributed to their early exit from the Big 12 tournament. Plus, they didn't score as many points as their opponent. Come to think of it, the points thing probably had more to do with them losing then my fan apathy. They're just not playing as well as they were early in the year and Baylor actually has a pretty darn good team.

To compare and contrast, I even made a point to wear my lucky UT "Hawaiian-style" shirt to the football Big 12 Championship this year. I/we/they needed every thread of that shirt to pull out the win. Although, I did wear the same shirt while watching  the National Championship on TV and they didn't win. But, I've determined that the shirt is fine, it's just that I wasn't watching the National Championship game in person.