Friday, February 26, 2010

Tea Partier Says She Wants to Hang Sitting U.S. Senator

So this right wingnut, Tea Partier essentially said that she wants to hang sitting Washington State U.S. Senator Patty Murray. I'm a big fan of protected free speech. But, I'm also as big an opponent of unprotected speech that advocates violence. Can you say terroristic threat? You cannot go around threatening violence, period, much less violence against a sitting U.S. Senator. So the this Tea Partier's mantra is, "you're either with me or I'm going to kill you?"

Please, let Tea Partiers continue to speak. And let GOP'ers continue to try to woo Tea Partiers. That should help the GOP'ers reach out to all those independent voters.


  1. She probably meant that metaphorically, but that is still *way* over the line.

  2. First, and foremost, thanks for the the afterthought Ryan.

    Second, holy crap someone actually wrote something. All the rest of you suck rocks. I'm doing something wrong to not get more of a response.

    Third, yeah, you're right, she probably didn't want to actually murder someone, much less a sitting US Senator. But, maybe she's the strange, weird female serial killer that only targets elected officials that are also females...Pelosoi look out...

    On a somewhat more serious note, imagine what would happen if someone were to threaten to hang a Texas senator. That sh!t don't play here.