Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fcuk Fox News

Fox New cut off the question and answer between the President Obama and the Republican House Caucus' retreat.

They just decided to cut it off. In the middle of the day. There was nothing else going on. How are the a new station again? My brain now hurts when "Fox" and "news" is used in the same sentence. As far as I'm concerned Fox is good for Sunday night animated comedies (see Simpsons, Family Guy).

How does the magical, weird, purple sky colored world of TV math work in the magical, weird world of Fox? I have an idea. As follows:

Homer Simpson (is greater than) > Bill O'Reilly
Marge Simpson (is greater than) > Glenn Beck
Bart Simpson is > Sean Hannity
Lisa Simpson > Great Van Sustreren
Maggie Simpson > Rupert Murdoch's soul

Just my thoughts.

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