Thursday, January 29, 2009

DICK Armey Is, Well, You Know, A...

Sexist. He's a sexist. What did you think I was going to write? At the very least he made an incredibly sexist remark. What did you think I was going to write?

In the clip below former Representative and Republican majority leader Dick Armey from Texas gives a great demonstration of techniques that some Republicans/conservatives employ when debating a Democrat/liberal on a talking head show:

Dick Armey in this one relatively short clip exhibits all the classic Republican/conservative talking head characteristics. Whether it's Rush, Ann Coulter, Hannity or apparently Dick Armey they all employ some classic, juvenile, disrespectful traits when they have a camera pointed on them and they have to listen to a Democrat/liberal speak. Namely, they will:

1) Smile weirdly or laugh while the other is speaking
2) They will interrupt (numerous times) or make exclamations like, "give me a break!" while the other is speaking.
3) They will generally talk louder or flat out yell down the other speaker.
4) They will refer to themselves in the third person.
5) They will get off issue or topic and attack the other speaker personally or about other issues unrelated to the topic being discussed.

In this case Dick Armey exhibits many of the above traits and ends it by making a sexist remark. Oh, and of course he's from Texas, way to make Texas look good on a national stage. We already gave the nation such notable Republican politicians such as Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and W. Anyway, Dick Armey did a good job of exhibiting the above described Republican/conservative talking-head-show-characteristics.

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