Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yup I Saw the Movie Escape Plan...

...and I bet it's a pretty good bet that's the worst movie of 2013. I knew it'd be bad going in but wow, that was REALLY awful, qualifying it as a great bad movie 

I have so, so, so many questions that I
may have to watch it again when it comes out on cable, such as:

- Did anyone else, based on the previews showing the prison guards in low rent black Star Wars-like storm trooper uniforms, think this thing was going to be set in space and in the future and not set in the present day? And wouldn't that have made it even better/worse?

- Why not use subtitles when Sly and Arnold talk, especially when they're whispering?

- How much screen time was spent on showing Sly and Arnold either just sitting and talking or walking around and talking?

-So if you want to escape from a prison it's going to take about 3-5 prison yard rumbles no matter how secure the prison?

- Actors Sam Neill, Vincent D'Onofrio and Jim Caviezel have fallen so far that these are the best movie roles they can get?  Ouch. 

- That's the best movie role 50 Cent could get?  Ouch. 

- Why did the writers decide to explain apparently huge plot "devices" and/or supposed "twists" in short shots, quick scenes with actors talking quietly and mumbling? 

- Lastly M. Night would have been proud of the big reveal at the end of the movie that left everyone asking, "wait, what, why, what about, but if that's true then, oh never mind, it sucked anyway, I don't care?"

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