Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Voyager Probe May Have Left Our Solar System Last Year and Our Neighbors Are Not Happy

Great, hilarious comment to an article explaining that the Voyager probe might have left our solar system last year, making it the first human made object to do so:

In accordance with writ number 2.456.70225, you are in violation of the galactic littering ordinance. You are being assessed a fine of approximately 1,200 galatic phoquns. This is approximately equivalent to 9,000 trillion trillion Earth (US region) dollars.
You are given 30 of your days to A) retrieve the litter that has left your star's heliopause and B) Pay the fine in full. Failure to fullfil one or all of your responsibilities may result in planet wide relocation to the prison ring system in the galactic core. Galagov thanks you for your cooperation.